About cimcn

… the leading African professional body of mentoring and coaching

The Institute of Mentoring and Career Coaching Nigeria (IMCCN) is transmuting to Chartered Institute of  Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria (CIMCN) is an educational institution and the largest professional body of Mentoring and Coaching in Africa. The Institute is incorporated with approval from Federal Ministry of Education and other relevant government agencies. The Institute Chartered-ship Bill (HB 1501) was presented for second reading  in the National Assembly and we are charged with the following responsibilities:

Our Vision

To become the leading Mentoring and Coaching Institution in Africa, Building Lives, Legacies, Culture and Institutions.

Our Mission

Reaching Milestones with People, Programs, Policy, Procedure, Product, Profit and Passion.

Core Values

We believe in the good of every person we interact with. We aspire for excellence in all that we do. Integrity, Honesty, Accountability, Professionalism, Equality, Diversity, Trust and Openness are fundamental to the way we operate.

CICMCN has rich array of partnerships with other foreign institutions of similar ideals in delivering and promoting mentoring, leadership, public policy, human resources development and building legacy.  It is the first of its kind in the West Africa sub region pioneering development of human resources through structured mentorship and peer relationships.

The institute has delivered professional services in Nigeria to:

Delta State: Training Consultants for Mentorship on Money Management and Self- Esteem, Entrepreneurship Skills for Beneficiaries of Public Works Interventions Funded by the World Bank.

Kaduna, Kogi and Niger State Government: Training Consultants (Human Capacity Building) Work Ethics and Attitudinal Change, value re-orientation, Leadership and Performance management, interpersonal relationship, Effective communication, Retirement Planning, Customer service edge, Personal effectiveness and Stress management, Building Public Health Surveillance System.

Infectious Research Diseases Group: Co- Investigator and Lead Mentor on Development of a cultural friendly sustainable Research Career Initiative for Women Scientists from diverse Setting in Nigeria- sponsored by the World Health Organization.

Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria/ You Win! Consultant for Training of all Mentors in the Six Geopolitical Zone that mentored beneficiaries of the Business plan completion for emerging business leaders in Nigeria.

We are process driven people and are able to work across sectors. We are also able to deliver assignments within and outside Nigeria. The Institute has organized and facilitated international programs in:

  • Gambia,
  • Dubai,
  • Malaysia and
  • Kenya.

We are promoting the African marque with corporate outlook, international best practices and professionalism in coaching and mentoring programs.



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