Continuous Certification Training Programme-  CCTP 2024

Theme: Advancing Professionalism with CIMCN: A Strategic Refresher Course for all Members

As a member of the institute; it is imperative that you keep yourself abreast of facts and be engaged in Continuous Certification Training Programs (CCTP), for personal and professional success. This refresher course is designed to provide members with the necessary skills and knowledge to apply coaching and mentoring strategies to enhance their professional growth and promote institutional and economic development in Nigeria.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve your competence as a mentor and coach
  • Possess in-depth understanding on how you should run and make profit from your coaching programs 
  • Become skilled in Talent acquisition, Succession Planning and Leadership Management program and projects.
  • Leverage on e-coaching and mentoring so as to attract potential clients globally  
  • Acquire strategies you can deploy to move your business to the next phase
  • Apply coaching and mentoring strategies to enhance their professional growth
  • Use coaching and mentoring to promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth

 Upscale: April 2024

Location: ZOOM Platform

Fee: 45,000(NGN)

Fee: 20,000(NGN) for Members who have Paid Annual Subscription

Pay to GTBANK 0494869481 Chartered Institute of Corporate Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria 

Call: 08052511210



The faculty members are selected based on their academic qualifications, professional experience, and demonstrated expertise in the areas covered by the training program. They have a wealth of experience in life coaching, mentoring, leadership, emotional intelligence, passion and pleasure, governance, corporate business, entrepreneurship business, managing organizational sustainability, and teamwork. They are skilled trainers who have the ability to effectively communicate the course content to participants, using a variety of training methods and techniques to ensure that the training is engaging, interactive, and effective.