Certified Leadership Coach and Mentor (CLCM)

Welcome to the Certified Leadership Coach and Mentor (CLCM) course!

Certified Leadership Coach and Mentor (CLCM)

The Certified Leadership Coach and Mentor (CLCM) program, offered by the Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria (CIMCN), is a specialized coaching and mentoring course designed to empower life coaches and professional mentors with the skills and knowledge necessary to cultivate exceptional leadership in their clients. This advanced program combines cutting-edge coaching methodologies with in-depth leadership theories and practical applications, ensuring that participants are equipped to guide leaders towards achieving their highest potential.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Life Coaches: Established life coaches aiming to specialize in leadership coaching and mentoring.
  • Professional Mentors: Mentors seeking to enhance their expertise in developing leadership qualities in their mentees.
  • Executive Coaches: Coaches working with senior executives who need advanced leadership development.
  • Organizational Development Specialists: Professionals looking to integrate leadership coaching into their organizational improvement strategies.
  • Human Resource Managers: HR professionals interested in boosting their leadership coaching capabilities for talent development.
  • Leadership Trainers: Trainers focusing on leadership development programs who want to incorporate advanced coaching techniques.
  • Business Consultants: Consultants who advise corporate clients on leadership and organizational performance.
  • Other Professionals: Professionals seeking to maximize their potential through mentoring and life coaching initiatives in personal and professional space.


  1. Enhance Coaching Skills: Develop advanced coaching skills tailored to leadership development.
  2. Deepen Leadership Knowledge: Provide a comprehensive understanding of leadership theories, models, and practices.
  3. Promote Ethical Leadership: Instill principles of ethical behavior and integrity in leadership coaching.
  4. Foster Strategic Thinking: Equip coaches with tools to help clients develop strategic thinking and planning capabilities.
  5. Improve Communication Abilities: Enhance techniques for effective communication, conflict resolution, and negotiation.
  6. Expand Networking Opportunities: Create a platform for building professional networks with peers and leaders in the leadership coaching field.
  7. Support Transformational Leadership: Emphasize the role of transformational leadership in driving organizational success and positive change.



Upon successful completion of the Certified Leadership Coach and Mentor (CLCM) program, participants will be able to:

  1. Provide Expert Leadership Coaching: Deliver specialized coaching that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of leadership roles.
  2. Apply Leadership Theories: Utilize a solid foundation of leadership theories and models to guide coaching practices.
  3. Uphold Ethical Standards: Promote and maintain high standards of ethical behavior in all coaching and mentoring engagements.
  4. Develop Strategic Leaders: Assist clients in honing their strategic thinking and planning skills to enhance their leadership effectiveness.
  5. Enhance Client Communication: Implement advanced communication strategies to help clients improve their interpersonal and leadership communication.
  6. Leverage Professional Networks: Build and maintain a robust professional network to support continuous learning and collaboration in leadership coaching.
  7. Drive Positive Organizational Change: Facilitate the development of transformational leaders who can lead organizations through change and drive sustainable success.

The CLCM program by CIMCN is designed to elevate the practice of life coaches and professional mentors by equipping them with the specialized skills required to develop and nurture exceptional leaders. This comprehensive program not only advances individual coaching careers but also contributes to the creation of effective and ethical leaders across various industries and sectors.

We are excited to have you join us on this journey and look forward to supporting you in your development as a Certified Leadership Coach and Mentor.

FEE: 150,000.00 (NGN)