Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria in Partnership with Prowess University Delaware USA Presents Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Life Coaching and Professional Mentoring Programmes

Welcome to a transformational Journey of Shared Life Prosperity in Coaching and Mentoring

The Institute in Partnership with Prowess University Delaware USA offers Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Life Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

Life coaching and mentoring are considered a central pillar of the institute’s philosophy. This suggests a holistic approach to coaching and mentoring that covers various aspects of an individual’s life, not just their career. The aim is to enhance overall well-being and personal professional growth.

The partnership with Prowess University Delaware USA, a reputable institution is aimed at providing opportunity for human capital development, encouraging participation of professionals in private and public sector to upscale their education prowess globally for impact and influence.

Hence, these programmes are designed to provide participants with comprehensive understanding of the core principles and practices of life coaching; gain essential knowledge and skills to effectively guide individuals and clients toward achieving their personal and professional goals.

On completion of the programmes, candidates would be able to:

  1. Become an Industry Expert
  2. Become a Mentoring Consultant
  3. Reflect critically on their own performance as a coach or mentor
  4. Understand some of the ethical issues concerned in coaching and mentoring
  5. Start a Life Coaching Business and Expand their existing Coaching Business
  6. Demonstrate practical interpersonal skills around being an effective coach or mentor
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of how the working environment affects their practice
  8. Articulate the similarities and differences between coaching, mentoring and leadership
  9. Critically evaluate the theories and models around coaching, mentoring and leadership
  10. Consider how theories and models of coaching and mentoring map to their own practice
  11. Improved skills in: listening, reflection, giving feedback, summarizing, action planning and developing others’ potential.


  1. Application Form 10,000(NGN) to be completed online or hard copy
  2. Certificate Programme 250,000(NGN) training and E- course materials
  3. Advanced Certificates Programme 300,000 (NGN) training and E- course materials
  4. Graduation fee is 50,000 (NAIRA) for Online or Physical – certificate, memorabilia and mementoes
  5. Applicant will submit a filled application alongside with concept note to justify reasons for enrolment.
  6. The Program duration (WEEKEND ONLY) is for a period of four to six (3 – 6) months and not exceeding nine (9) months
  7. Participants will be requested to submit at end of course term paper on specific topics.
  8. Online 90% and 10% onsite delivery with mandatory attendance of 2 day lectures at graduation.
  9. Graduates of this certification are anticipated to accrue and document a requisite count of coaching hours (200 for the certificate and 300 for the advanced certificate).
  10. Our graduates benefit from an array of supportive resources, encompassing documents, templates, guides, and participation in exclusive online platforms and one-on-one interactions, all designed to facilitate their ongoing growth and development.
  11. This program is pre-requisite qualification for the CIMCN Specialization/Niches. APPLY for Niches/Specialization (optional) with the Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria. CLICK:
  12. Who to apply: Individuals with quests for influence, impact and excellence for results and reward.
  13. BANK:

GTBANK: 0494869481 – Chartered Inst. of Corp..