Certified Business Coach and Mentor (CBCM)

FEE: 150,000.00 (NGN)

Welcome to the Certified Business Coach and Mentor (CBCM) course!

Certified Business Coach and Mentor (CBCM)

The Certified Business Coach and Mentor (CBCM) program, offered by the Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria (CIMCN), is a specialized coaching and mentoring course designed for life coaches and professional mentors who seek to deepen their expertise in the business sector. This advanced program provides the essential tools, methodologies, and insights required to effectively support clients in achieving business success. The CBCM course integrates foundational business principles with advanced coaching techniques, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to guide entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders towards their goals.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Life Coaches: Experienced life coaches aiming to expand their practice into business coaching and mentoring.
  • Professional Mentors: Mentors who wish to support clients involved in business leadership or entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Executive Coaches: Coaches working with corporate executives and high-level managers seeking to enhance their business acumen.
  • Organizational Development Professionals: Specialists looking to incorporate business coaching into their repertoire to better serve corporate clients.
  • Entrepreneurship Coaches: Coaches dedicated to guiding startups and small business owners through growth and development stages.
  • Leadership Trainers: Trainers focused on developing business leaders who require tailored coaching and mentoring strategies.
  • Other Professionals: Professionals seeking to maximize their potential through mentoring and life coaching initiatives in personal and professional space.


  1. Enhance Coaching Competencies: Develop specialized coaching skills tailored to the needs of business clients.
  2. Deepen Business Acumen: Provide a thorough understanding of business principles, including finance, marketing, operations, and strategy.
  3. Promote Ethical Coaching: Foster high standards of ethical behavior and integrity in business coaching practices.
  4. Cultivate Strategic Thinking: Enhance strategic planning and critical thinking skills essential for business leadership and growth.
  5. Refine Communication Skills: Improve coaching communication techniques, including conflict resolution, negotiation, and leadership communication.
  6. Expand Professional Networks: Create opportunities for networking with business leaders, peers, and industry experts.
  7. Support Sustainable Business Practices: Emphasize the importance of sustainability and corporate responsibility in business coaching.


Upon successful completion of the Certified Business Coach and Mentor (CBCM) program, participants will be able to:

  1. Deliver Specialized Coaching: Provide expert coaching tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities in the business sector.
  2. Apply Business Knowledge: Utilize comprehensive knowledge of business operations, strategies, and best practices to inform coaching engagements.
  3. Uphold Ethical Standards: Maintain and promote high ethical standards in all business coaching and mentoring activities.
  4. Facilitate Strategic Development: Assist clients in developing and executing strategic plans for business growth and success.
  5. Enhance Client Communication: Use advanced communication techniques to help clients improve their leadership, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.
  6. Leverage Professional Networks: Build and utilize a robust network of business contacts to enhance professional growth and client success.
  7. Drive Sustainable Business Practices: Guide clients towards adopting sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

The CBCM program by CIMCN equips life coaches and professional mentors with the specialized skills necessary to support and advance their clients’ business goals. This comprehensive program not only enhances the coaches’ professional capabilities but also contributes to the development of ethical, strategic, and sustainable business practices.