Certified Ethics and Spiritual Mentor (CESM) 


Certified Ethics and Spiritual Mentor (CESM) 


The Certified Ethics and Spiritual Mentor (CESM) program, offered by the Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria (CIMCN), is a specialized coaching and mentoring course tailored for life coaches, professional mentors, and other professionals. This program is designed to integrate ethical frameworks and spiritual principles into coaching and mentoring practices. Participants will learn how to guide clients through ethical dilemmas, foster personal integrity, and cultivate spiritual growth, enriching their professional practice with a profound sense of purpose and ethical grounding.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Life Coaches: Life coaches seeking to incorporate ethical and spiritual dimensions into their coaching practice to provide more holistic support to their clients.
  • Professional Mentors: Mentors who want to enhance their mentoring capabilities by adding a focus on ethics and spirituality.
  • Corporate Coaches: Coaches working with business professionals who need to navigate ethical challenges and foster a sense of purpose within corporate environments.
  • Therapists and Counselors: Mental health professionals looking to integrate spiritual mentoring and ethical guidance into their therapeutic work.
  • Educators and Trainers: Educators and training professionals interested in embedding ethical and spiritual principles in their teaching methodologies.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers who wish to guide patients and colleagues through ethical decision-making and spiritual well-being.
  • Non-Profit Leaders: Leaders in non-profit organizations who want to inspire ethical leadership and spiritual growth within their teams and communities.
  • Other Professionals: Professionals seeking to maximize their potential through mentoring and life coaching initiatives in personal and professional space.


  1. Integrate Ethical Frameworks: Equip participants with the knowledge to apply ethical principles and frameworks in their coaching and mentoring practices.
  2. Cultivate Spiritual Awareness: Develop participants’ ability to incorporate spiritual teachings and practices into their professional guidance.
  3. Promote Integrity and Authenticity: Foster a deep sense of personal integrity and authenticity in professional and personal interactions.
  4. Enhance Ethical Decision-Making: Provide tools and techniques for navigating complex ethical dilemmas in various professional settings.
  5. Support Personal Growth: Encourage holistic personal development, combining ethical behavior with spiritual awareness.
  6. Expand Communication Skills: Improve communication strategies for discussing sensitive ethical and spiritual topics with clients.
  7. Build a Community of Practice: Create a network of professionals dedicated to ethical and spiritual mentoring, facilitating peer support and collaboration.


Upon successful completion of the Certified Ethics and Spiritual Mentor (CESM) program, participants will be able to:

  1. Apply Ethical Principles: Integrate robust ethical frameworks into their coaching and mentoring practices, ensuring ethical integrity in all client interactions.
  2. Incorporate Spirituality: Effectively include spiritual guidance and practices in their professional work, addressing clients’ holistic needs.
  3. Model Integrity: Demonstrate and promote a high level of personal integrity and authenticity, serving as a role model for clients.
  4. Navigate Ethical Dilemmas: Confidently guide clients through complex ethical decisions with clarity and compassion.
  5. Foster Holistic Growth: Support clients in achieving comprehensive personal growth, balancing ethical conduct with spiritual development.
  6. Communicate Effectively: Utilize advanced communication techniques to discuss and address ethical and spiritual issues sensitively and effectively.
  7. Engage in a Professional Network: Participate in a community of ethics and spiritual mentors, benefiting from ongoing professional development and peer support.

The CESM program by CIMCN provides life coaches, professional mentors, and other professionals with the skills and knowledge to integrate ethical and spiritual dimensions into their practice. This comprehensive program enhances the ability to guide clients toward ethical integrity and spiritual fulfillment, contributing to the development of well-rounded and principled individuals.

FEE: 150,000.00 (NGN)