This is an online, part-time/ distance learning course; delivered by the Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria. 


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  • Master in Coaching and Mentoring (MCN / M.A) With Specializations/Options
  • Doctor of Coaching and Mentoring (DCM/PhD) With Specializations/Options

The Prowess University and Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria create a mutually beneficial partnership that will strengthen the University’s mission, its corporate plans and economy of the Globe to foster a friendly relationship through mutual cooperation in teaching and research between Prowess University and CIMCN in Nigeria.

PROWESS UNIVERSITY is a recognized institution that value academic excellence, creativity and innovations that enhance human capital development.

CIMCN and PU have designed postgraduate programs for experienced Professionals who are seeking to deepen their knowledge, show commitments and contribute to the evidence base of their various fields.

CIMCN will deliver the courses with 90% online and 10% onsite for the award of postgraduate degrees; Master and Doctor of Coaching and Mentoring/PhD with specialization in various field of expertise, explores practical methods for professionalism and prepare candidates to solve real-world business problems. Upon graduation, you could pursue new job opportunities in executive coaching and consulting. You can help business leaders hone their skills and lead their organizations to success.

With the executive coaching specialization, you can prepare to promote professional growth among business leaders. You’ll analyze professional coaching from a business standpoint and learn how to conduct financial coaching. The course degree also provides an in-depth look at research methods, culminating in an Applied Doctoral Research Project and Seminars. Completing this project will help you contribute to the ongoing discussion about professional practices and apply what you’ve learned to the real world.

The Doctorates and Masters of Coaching and Mentoring program will help to develop the capabilities needed to become a researcher and leadership skills in the field and foster excellence in your practice. We will challenge you to build on your existing expertise and push the boundaries of your knowledge so you can:

  • operate at the highest level in coaching, mentoring and personal development.
  • build and established uniqueness in specialized field.
  • develop confidence in providing facilitation and consultancy.
  • be competent in researching the field.

Our teaching staff have specific research interests in coaching and mentoring or related fields. We also invite specialists to provide further expert input.

To complete your postgraduate thesis/seminars, the course includes:

  • training (taught modules and practice)
  • design of original empirical research
  • professional expertise and scholarly inquiry

Here are some of the benefits of choosing POST GRADUATES coaching and mentoring program:

  • Flexibility | Our DCM and Master in Coaching and Mentoring degree program is offered 90% online, and the classes have no set login times. You can earn your degree from the comfort of your home and easily access your course materials whenever you need them. Most importantly, you can stay invested in the things that really matter — like your family, job, and community — while pursuing your academic goals.
  • Respected Credentials | CIMCN online coaching and mentoring degree is by Prowess University. You can pursue your degree with confidence knowing that our DCM program has met rigorous academic standards.
  • Career Groundwork | Our DCM and Master program can help you use theory and research methods to address practical business challenges. You can build upon your previous knowledge and experience while preparing to pursue advanced business roles.
  • Integrity | At CIMCN, our mission is to Train Champions. That’s why our online executive coaching doctorate is designed to integrate religious principles with professional knowledge. In addition to honing your skills and enhancing your business acumen, you can prepare to stand out as an ethical, value-driven professional.


Membership of the Institute is a pre-requisite qualification for the program. ( For your membership contact:     call: 08052511210

Professional Certificate: 3 Months – MENTORING AND COACHING – Candidate with Apmc, Mpmc, NCE, Diploma, Professional Membership and Professional diploma of other recognized institute will be considered for enrolment into the program.

Professional Master Degree/Honor 1 year (minimum 6 months with credit transfer) Professional Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate degree is required for admission. Candidate with Fpmc, Mpmc, CPM, PPGD, Master’s degree and Professional Membership of other recognized institute, those with requisite years of experience will be consider for enrolment into the program. The Candidate for this program will graduate with core specialization.

Professional Doctorate/ Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 3years (minimum 18months with credit transfer) Professional Master Degree/Master degree is required for admission. The Candidate for this program will graduate with core specialization

 VAE Degree– We may consider Validation of Acquired Experience, this can be accepted or rejected; application for the degrees through Work Experience, Life skills, Professional skills i.e. Accreditation of Skills, Training, and Professional Experience may be approved through Joint Jury / Board of CIMCN/PU-Rep.: Identification Documents (ID/Residence Permit/Passport/Any Valid Photo ID), Certificate of Qualification (If any), In the Individual Curriculum Vitae (CV) profile and Portfolio of professional experience, You have to mention clearly the number of years you worked, Where you worked, the Name and level of the position where you worked, You have to mention your Professional field/area, your Contribution towards society and Community, and your Achievement from Local, National, and International associations/Institutions.

Course Structure

Research and Seminar areas include: philosophical underpinnings of coaching; developmental, leadership and team coaching; resilience; embodiment; transfer of learning; coaching and mentoring and social change; ethics and coaching and the coaching relationship.

Students are encouraged to publish while on the course and after completion of the thesis.  This may further provide career opportunities in academia and industry where the highest level of achievement is recognized and rewarded.

On completion of the program, participants will be able to critically evaluate a range of practical, theories and models relating to individual, team and organizations, to be able to apply coaching, mentoring and leadership to real life situations in order to inform his/her decision making. The network that will be developing over the duration of the program often continues to be a supportive and strong community of practice post-graduation.

FEES: Payment Is For A Duration Not Exceeding 12 Months. While Candidates Exceeding 12months Will Pay 50% Of Tuition ( However A Course Cannot Be Less Than 6 Month And Cannot Go Beyond 36 Months)  



Application form                               25,000.00

Acceptance fee                                 15,000.00

Tuition fee                                         595,000.00 (Payable twice)

Certificate/Transcript /Gown         150,000.00

Convocation                                     To be Communicated



Application form                                   25,000.00

Acceptance fee                                      25,000.00

Tuition fee                                           850,000.00 (Payable twice)

Certificate/Gown                                175,000.00

Convocation fee                                 To be Communicated

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