QATAR 2024

… An Experience Beyond Summer Holiday


Corporate Governance and Mentoring for Shared Sustainable Prosperity

DATE: 8 -14 August 2024

Departure on  Thursday 8 August, 2024 From Abuja

Arrive Nigeria on Wednesday 14 August, 2024 Back to Abuja

Program Fee is  1,950(Dollars)

Registration opens February 5, 2024

  • Flight –Return ($ 1,000 – $1,200)

We encourage early registration and payment for ease of visa and flight booking

Key Information

  • DATE: 8 -14 August 2024
  • Departure on Thursday 8th August, 2024 From Abuja
  • Arrive Nigeria on Friday 14th August, 2024 Back to Abuja
  • Registration opens 5th February and closes 30th June, 2024
  • Flight –Return ($ 1,000 – $1,200)
  1. Program Fee: 1,950 (Dollar)
  2. The Program fee is Inclusive of Visa, Bed (6 Night), Daily Breakfast, Training, Course Material, Exchange Program, Group City Tour, Shopping Day Transfer, Desert Safari +BBQ, Mementoes, Award, Certificates and Group Photograph.
  3. The fee is Exclusive of: Flight, Lunch, Personal Belongs and Private Tour
  4. Payment Policy: Application and Processing Fee 750 (Dollar) payable 30th, May 2024– NON REFUNDABLE and Balance Payment on or before 30th June, 2024
  5. Submission of International Passport and Other Relevant Documents for the trip
  6. Participants are expected to prepare for the trip and ready to abide by the rules governing international travels especially that of QATAR
  7. Interested in Award of Doctorate Degree (Honoris Causa) By Prowess University Delaware- USA in QATAR. Call 08052511210
  8. Participants will corporate with the institute to make the program a worthwhile experience
  9. The institute reserved all right of coordination for the program



CIMCN  6th annual international training with the theme; Corporate Governance and Mentoring for Shared Sustainable Prosperity will revolve around fostering a corporate culture that emphasizes effective governance practices and mentorship to drive shared and sustainable prosperity. The program aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the long-term success of organizations, ensuring ethical decision-making, leading through VUCA + E5 concept, responsible leadership, and the cultivation of a supportive mentorship environment. By linking corporate governance principles with mentoring strategies, the theme will further strive to create a holistic approach to organizational development that benefits not only individual career growth but also the overall well-being of a nation and its stakeholders.


  1. To educate participants on the fundamental principles of corporate governance, including transparency, accountability, fairness, and responsibility.
  2. To equip participants with tools to navigate ethical dilemmas and encourage a culture where integrity is paramount in all business activities.
  3. To provide strategies for creating a positive mentoring culture within the organization, facilitating knowledge transfer and skill development.
  4. To empower participants to lead with a long-term perspective, considering the impact of decisions on stakeholders, society, and the environment.
  5. To highlight the role of corporate governance and mentoring in fostering inclusive and diverse workplaces.
  6. To encourage participants to actively contribute to creating and institutionalized a culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Team and Partners are internationally recognized professionals that can be relied upon to provide friendly smooth and incredibly efficient communication when dealing with delegates to ensure the ‘admin’ side of our training is handled excellently. They are of proven track records, high depth of technical and managerial capabilities to meet your desired need.

Participation is open to all CEOs, Directors, Executives of Private and Public Institutions, Individuals, Schools, Couples, NGO’s, FBO’s, and those seeking to improve their life performance.




0051556407 (Dollars)

0051556380 (Naira)

SORT CODE: 058113114

TIN: 10811751-0001

For more information and reservation, call : 08069633082, 08052511210  EMAILL:

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