Student and youth programme

The Student and Youth programme is for Student / Graduate/ Youth Corper (NYSC), Mentee / protégée and individuals aspiring for greatness. The Individuals who join under this Programme will be referred to as mentee/protégé and will be paired with a Mentor/ Coach.  Affiliate Membership

50,000.00 (NGN)

How to join

  1. Complete the on-line form or Print form online, fill and send back to us or call any of the contact numbers.
  2. Application Form 5,000 (NGN).
  3. Make Payment for membership and certification grade as applicable, then attend the training / induction Programme at varying dates and locations.


  1. Application Form # 5,000
  2. Applicant must submit a concept note to justify reasons for enrolment
  3. Applicant will attend a five-day training program; Online/ Physical
  4. Applicant will take an assessment test at end of course
  5. Applicant will attend a two-day physical induction program at varying date and location
  6. Ready for 10 – 15 Hours post mentoring session within 6 months

Who to apply

Mentors, Coaches, Counselors, Life Coaches, Chief Executive officers, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Human Resources Managers, Consultants, Social Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Professionals, Politicians, Military, Managers, Public Officers, Civil Servants, Graduates, Students and individuals aspiring for greatness.